Antiques & Collectables Buyer Melbourne

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Tucked away in your cupboards and draws maybe a treasure trove of collectible items. What you think of as old rubbish may in fact be the rare and collectable item someone has been desperately searching for.

If you have stuff you want to get rid of, give us a call and see if it’s worth something before you dump it in the trash.

No matter how obscure an item is, we want it. We love strange and unique objects at AGD. They can reflect an era of our lives as well as telling stories of who we are. We enjoy appraising these objects and understanding the value they bring to the collectors who buy them.

If you want to take your items for auction, our online auction platform and app reaches over 250,000 collectors across Australia. Alternatively, we can make an offer for a direct sale of your items.

We’ll evaluate and offer you the best price and sales advice on any of the following:

  • Antiques
  • Collectables
  • Vinyl records
  • Vintage toys and action figures
  • Vintage computer games & consoles

We offer the best prices and customer service in town. If we decide to buy we’ll give you cash on the spot. Before you sell make sure you talk to us first. Call 0431 563 181 / (03)9436 0495 or send us a message.

How much are your antiques and collectables worth?

Don’t worry if the item is slightly damaged or broken. It may still be worth something. So let us check it out!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know My Antiques are Worth Money?

To determine if your antique is worth money, you must first determine whether it was manufactured by a well-known company or someone notable. Search for signatures or marks that identify the maker or artisan. Carefully look underneath or behind the item for this mark. These are typically difficult to find and obscure.

Additionally, you must confirm that your item is genuine. Find an online guide with tips on checking for authenticity. So, you can determine whether your item is genuine or a cunning duplicate.

You can also bring it in to our store at 11 Centre Place in Melbourne to have one of our professionals appraise it.

What Site is Best to Sell Antiques?

You can bring your item to AGD to be put up for auction on our online auction platform and app. It is accessible to over 250,000 collectors in Australia. Alternatively, we might offer to sell your products directly.

We are constantly searching for one-of-a-kind and collectable objects for our store at 11 Centre Place in Melbourne. Your antiques and collectibles will be evaluated, and we'll give you the best price and sales recommendations.

We provide the best rates and client care in the area. If we decide to purchase, we'll pay you in cash right away. Be sure to talk to us first before you sell any item. You can reach us by phone at (03) 9650 8365 or send us a message.

Can I Sell My Collectibles?

Yes, you can. We're always looking for unusual and collectable objects for our store at 11 Centre Place in Melbourne. We adore unique objects here at AGD. They can tell stories about who we are and reflect a certain time in our lives. We take pleasure in evaluating these items and comprehending the value they add to the collectors who purchase them.

We'll assess the market and provide you with the best price and sales advice on collectibles and antiques, memorabilia from music and movies, and mementoes from sports.

We also buy retro gaming systems and computers, vintage furniture and accessories, and lots more.

We offer the best prices and quality of service in the region. We'll pay you immediately in cash if we decide to buy. You can contact us anytime on (03) 9650 8365.